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Love is by far the greatest feeling a human being can experience! Everything becomes better when you are in love. The colours get brighter, the air gets fresher, and a big happy smile on your face makes you appear a couple of years younger! Love is, in fact, the youth potion everyone is looking for. Unfortunately, as you get older, it can become more and more difficult to find that one special person that would be just right for you. In search of a true soulmate, people can go to great lengths, yet still not be successful due to a variety of reasons. The main one is not considering all the options open to them.

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Meeting Soulmate Online

Many people are continuously ranting that millennials killed romance and dating with all the innovative technology they have incorporated into their lives. But it is actually a blatant lie! Contrary to popular belief, online dating websites are not only for those who are too shy to meet people in public places. But also for those trying to enlarge the dating pool available to them. The perfect match you are looking for may live far away. While traveling to see them is more than possible, connecting with them in the first place has for many years been the real challenge. However, it is no more! The rising popularity of such a phenomenon as online dating sites has made it a million times easier to find the right person to marry one day.

No matter whether you are completely new to the world of online dating and simply want to feel the waters, or you are an experienced user of various dating websites who is looking for a few new options to expand your horizons, you must have heard about the LoveSwans site. This platform is currently one of the largest and most successful sites on the market. Does it raise a lot of heated debates around it? Is it really worth the publicity it is getting? Let’s find out!

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About LoveSwans

LoveSwans is an online dating platform. It is widely recognized by men looking for beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women.

The key to its popularity lies in its numbers. LoveSwans is a rapidly growing website that receives tons of requests from both males and females on a daily basis. This makes it stand out among the other dating websites that do not offer such a great variety of people to match with. Due to the professionalism of its employees, the chances of finding a future partner are very high.

First started as a marriage site, LoveSwans has later developed into a fully functioning international online dating service as it balances the methods used by the traditional marriage businesses with the hottest trends in the online dating industry. Currently there is no strict focus on building serious relationships on LoveSwans, but no one restrains you to take initiative in your own hands and look for the love of your life there.

Easy to Use

What really makes LoveSwans special is the ease with which it can be used. Unlike many other platforms that offer similar services, LoveSwans has a very clear user interface and an intuitive design. So you shall not experience any difficulties in regards to your experiences. Furthermore, the dating website is available from mobile devices. So you don’t necessarily need your personal computer or your laptop to search for a soulmate. It also significantly increases the quality of future communication with potential partners. Because you will not have to make them wait and can reply to all the messages instantly via your smartphone! In case you have any difficulties, you may contact the LoveSwans support. They answer any questions 24/7. It is always available through clicking a ‘Contact Us’ button conveniently located on the bottom right of every page of the dating website.

Sign Up and Registration

The process of registration is quite easy and not time-consuming as the registration form is the first thing one sees when they land on the home page of LoveSwans. In order to sign up to the dating website, you have to fill in the blanks stating your name, date of birth, email address and status (either you are a Man Seeking a Woman or vice versa etc). Once you have submitted that information the site will take you to the next step of the registration process – moderation. This part is crucial for the quality of interaction LoveSwans provides.

In order to make sure members of the site are exposed to positive vibes only, the staff manually reviews each newly registered profile before members can start using the service. This step eliminates any scammers who do not share the honest intentions of the rest of the community. After moderation is completed, the user is given an opportunity to tell the potential matches more information about themselves and upload their photos.

LoveSwans Registration

Search and Profile Quality

There is no strict policy on the quality of the pictures uploaded, they do not necessarily have to look like the cover of a fashion magazine. However, the dating site encourages members to create videos and upload them on the platform as it will better convey the personality of a user and increase their chances to find the person they would click with right away.

Apart from sharing videos, LoveSwans offers another tool that would customize the matching process. The site’s powerful search engine enables its members to find each other very quickly. Moreover, the search engine is quite elaborate. Members may specify their preferences in accordance to many factors they consider important. For instance, just a couple filters that could be applied to the search are: country of origin or location, level of education, religion, and even whether a person advocates smoking and/or drinking.

Communication Features

While the website is initially free for observing, to conduct any further actions members have to pay. Upon registration, users of LoveSwans are advised to obtain credits, the dating website’s virtual currency that does not have monetary value and can only be used on the website to pay for the services. This can be done by making a purchase with real-world money. Payment can be made with any suitable payment method: the service accepts most common credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. If there is no convenient method to buy credits, one should contact customer support. Credits can be used to:

  • Send virtual gifts
  • Chat online
  • Read and receive emails
  • Share contact information
  • Send gifts
  • View videos and other personal media


LoveSwans provides three types of membership: classic, prime and club. The amount of credits you need to buy depends on how actively you are using the service.

The plans are the following:

  • 20 credits $2.99 (for first-time buyers only)
  • 50 credits $19.99
  • 125 credits $46.99
  • 250 credits $69.99
  • 750 credits $149.99

Based on the membership you chose to get, there are different prices for special features. For those with a Classic type you will need to pay 2 credits per minute for sending messages and video chatting; 10 credits for sending or reading a letter and 10 credits for sending a picture.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other platform, LoveSwans has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The online dating website is well designed and is easy to navigate.
  • Has member support that is accessible to the website users 24/7.
  • Service has a manual verification process and through moderation, which reduces the chance of scammers and fakes polluting the dating environment greatly.
  • A quick and powerful search engine helps to match couples efficiently.
  • A large set of filters that customizes the search process and allows to find a person well-suited.
  • It is free to look around in case you are not sure if you want to use it.
  • The platform has a vast amount of additional services available upon purchase with credits.
  • The website attracted a collection of singles with romantic intentions all over the world.


  • Despite the extensive moderation process and the fact personal information is heavily protected, it still cannot completely eradicate the number of scammers trying to fool people.
  • You have to pay for credits.


To sum up, all the points previously discussed, LoveSwans is a great online dating platform for those looking to find their match! It is easy to use, has a lot of cool features and is very serious about its members’ safety. Although it may seem to be quite costly, it, in fact, a small price to pay for the eternal happiness in the face of a soulmate this service may bring to its users. Especially since the many filters on this site help to speed up the process of finding the right person by cutting edges and not wasting time on people you have nothing in common with. Worth a try to say the least!

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